The picture that started it all…

Two weeks ago my (not so) baby sister emigrated to Canada with her partner, we all made the pilgrimage home to party and then share our good bye’s, well wishes and promises to visit. There was food, plenty of food; my Granny’s home made  cheese and onion pie, lasagna, sherry trifle, rocky road, chocolate brownies, home made apple pie, and a massive cake in the shape of a dog/lion (this argument has not yet been settled I will keep you updated). This was followed the next day with lots of french bread, sliced meats and pickles and a BBQ in the evening. YUM.

Luke and I had to leave the party early to get back to Brum ready for work the next day (I know we missed most of the BBQ) so before we left we gathered around for a family picture…

(left to right: Andy (my mum’s fiance, Luke, Me, my brother Joseph, my mum, my sister Emily and her partner Ric)

We printed this picture and framed it on our return, next day as the 4pm sunshine started to peep in through our front room window our enormous forms were illuminated on the wall, glinting like a message from God, ‘Get up and exercise, Go back to slimming world, eat an apple!’.  I hauled my self of the sofa, stretched a little and then pulled the curtains across (the sun was shining on the telly) and went back to my tube of pringles and friends re-run.

Ha-ha, OK I got a little carried away there and it didn’t actually happen like that, but we did have a picture on the wall one which we weren’t very fond of, one which we would look at and then sigh, which would prompt us to bring up our eating habits  lack of exercise and desire to slim down.

And so it began… one week later we joined Slimming World, two weeks later and we have already lost a combined total of 19.5 lbs (10.5lbs for Luke and 9lb for me). And the best thing… so far, I am really enjoying this and can’t wait to share some of my recipes with you.


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