Starting Strong

So we all know that we can’t loose weight with out both exercise and dieting, so this week I decided to go for it! This morning I got up and before I even had my breakfast completed a 50 minute ‘Fat Attack’ work out by Rosemary Conley, it got my hot and sweaty but definitely wasn’t too much. As well as getting my heart rate going it was hilarious! If you like working out to 90’s R ‘n’ B that is being played over a dance beat this is the work out for you!

I am sure I could have worked a little harder during the DVD but I didn’t want the people that live below us to think a heard of baby elephants had moved in! However the great thing about this DVD is that it combines cardio with strengthening and toning movements. It also is broken down into 10 minute chunks that make it really easy, I was only planning on doing 30 minutes but at the end of each section I was motivated by her smiley face and unwavering hair-do to go on to the next bit and before you know it 50 minutes had flown by.

The down side; well, I am completely uncoordinated and found it difficult to get straight into all the moves, getting especially mixed up with the mirror image issue of copying someone stood before you. I haven’t ever been to dance lessons so some of my movements were a bit awkward and once or twice I just enthusiastically hopped about and waved my arms around to keep my heart rate up until it got to a bit where I could easily join in again. (HAHAHA I bet I looked silly!)

I think the key with exercising, especially for people like me who don’t particularly enjoy it and have always tried to avoid exercise/ any activity that might make you jiggle in public or could result in you being laughed at, is just to go for it. Do what ever it is that you feel comfortable doing, where ever you feel comfortable doing it and then just go for it.

At slimming world you are encouraged (but not forced) to achieve your body fit medals. This week I thought I would try and achieve 1 week towards my bronze award. This basically means doing 45 minutes of moderate exercise (elevated heart rate but can still have a conversation) during the week in blocks of 5 10 or 15 minutes spread over at least three days.

To help keep track Slimming World give you a diary to keep track of everything you do from walking the dog to getting on the bus a few stops later. I am really enjoying myself and would love to hear your ideas for getting exercise phobes like me up and off the sofa more often.


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