My Triple Threat for Banishing Bland Diet Food

The worst part of any diet (apart from craving chocolate cake) is eating food that is repetative and bland. Here is my triple threat to banish bland diet food.

1) fresh herbs: there is something lovely about about of fragrant green sprinkled on top of your food. They are so much more tasty than the dried version and packing your kitchen window sill with them helps make your kitchen feel like a happier healthier place before you even start cooking. If you have got children why not take it further and grow your own from seed or even experiment with salad leaves too; you’ll have them inventing and enjoying tasty salads in no time at all. (pictured are Thyme which is great in meat dishes and Greek Basil which goes with anything tomato based as well as freshening up pasta and cous cous really well)

2) Tabasco: I love a bit of heat and tabasco is great at delivering that along side a smokey note you don’t get from using fresh chilies. I find my use of chilies sporadic, I buy them and don’t use them and they go off or I don’t buy any and then have a craving for spice. This way I have something (syn free) in the store cupboard that can deliver on heat and flavor when ever I want it.

3) Worcestershire Sauce: Another syn free favourite. It is great for adding another depth of flavour to nice dishes and stir-fry’s. I also particularly enjoy it on top of cheese on toast (using my HEX A and B) or a few splashes on my bread instead of butter when I am enjoying a syn free (if using bread as HEX B) BLT sarnie for my lunch.

Do you have any other syn free tips for banishing bland diet food? I would love to know leave your comments below.


3 thoughts on “My Triple Threat for Banishing Bland Diet Food

  1. Sweetened Total 0% Greek Yoghurt is my go-to staple in the fridge. It makes a fantastic substitution for cream with desserts. I usually add in a little vanilla essence (another of my must haves) to add another layer of sweetness too.

    Gotta agree on the Tabasco and Worcestershire though!

    • Yeah I live my total 0% Greek yog too. Have you tried mixing in some mint sauce ( free on extra easy if you get the no added sugar stuff) and dipping in carrot, pepper and celery sticks? Great syn free savory snack.

      • I’ve heard so many people tell me about this one, I have to try it! Planning a major dip night this week with some movies, so I’ll remember to add this to the tray 😀

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