Holiday Dieting: It Was All Going So Well…

If you were wondering why there has been a distinct lack of posts recently it is because we have been on holiday. I made my annual pilgrimage to Green Belt festival and Luke joined me for the first time! We had a lovely  long bank holiday.  There was music, theater, films, campaigning, talks and workshops and the most amazing array of food vans EVER.

Now you can be forgiven for thinking that camping at a festival = burgers and chips from vans but the choice was phenomenal. Goan curry, hand made pies, Rice and Peas, a Morrocan Eatery, Chinese, gourmet burgers, rotisserie chicken, paella, Churros and Chocolate, and a wigwam full of beautiful chai. YUMMY.

Having been to Greenbelt before I knew the temptation that lay before me so I was prepared! I cooked two meals and froze them to take with us then took lots of tins of free foods and the trust camp stove. We lasted 1 day! 1 day! one of my frozen meals got thrown away and the other one we did eat but washed it down with (you guessed it) Churros dipped in hot melted chocolate. mmmmmmmmmm.

Once the Churros broke the seal self control seemed to disappear and we ate lots of things we shouldn’t have! Our weekend binge included;

  • roast pork butty with stuffing apple sauce and crackling! HaHa,
  • dophinoise potatoes with french sausage cooked in white wine.
  • curry goat, rice and peas and dumplings
  • fair ground style dougnuts

Needles to say when we got home the lb’s had gone up, with four days left before weigh in we are working hard to make sure any gain doesn’t show at the scales on Saturday.I decided to try and boost this weeks speed food intake, I always try and make sure that our meals are syn free and 1/3 super free but this week I wanted to make sure that as much as possible of what we were eating was speed foods. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Slimming World free foods are foods that you can eat as much of as you want when ever you want but they ask that every time you eat at least 1/3 of your meal is super free. Most fruit and veg is super free but some isn’t so be sure to check your hand books. Speed foods are foods that are either free or super free that will boost your weight loss such as some fish, Quorn, some beans, and some fruit and veggies among other things (again check you hand books).

UPDATE: I lost 7lbs following this (the two I had put on and an extra 5) I now have lost my first stone!

My Four Day Supper Speedy Menu


A dish of mixed berries (black berries, black currants, raspberries, red currants and strawberries) topped with a Muller Light yogurt.


A home made butternut squash and lentil soup, 2 dark rye Ryvita (HEX B) and vegetable crudites dipped in a mini pot of Philadelphia extra light (HEX A).


day 1: Filet Steak with Roast  Mediterranean Veggies, Salad and Cous Cous
day 2: Turkey Stuffed Marrow
day 3: Goan Fish Curry
day 4: Skinny Fish, Chips and Mushy peas followed by fruit salad

Click on each meal to be taken through to the photo’s and recipes.

I really hope this works, I would love to know what tips and tricks you have for sticking on plan whilst on holiday or how you deal with the damage once you are back home.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Dieting: It Was All Going So Well…

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