TV Chef Recipes made Slimming World Friendly

I really love cooking and I really enjoy feeding people, I love making something that people enjoy, something that people will remember and talk about over the next few days. I love watching food programs on TV but they do annoy me.

It really bugs me how slim TV chefs produce really unhealthy food and make out like that’s the food they love and eat all time at home.  The way they drip olive oil all over everything.  the amount of ingredients they expect me to have in my store cupboard. How expensive it is to make their food and how much I want to eat it all.

Having said this there are a few cracking tips I have picked up from all my watching, some that have really enhanced my slimming world food. So this weekend I have been going through all my recipe books, and scrap books filled with recipes I have rescued from the Guardian’s weekend magazine and I have found some recipes that I think I can tweak to make syn free or low syn (extra easy).*  Keep Checking back over the next few weeks to find out how each of these meals went and to get the recipes.

Levi Roots – Hot Hot prawn and potato curry

Jamie Oliver’s – Mighty Mulligatawny

Paul Merrett’s – Sheppard’s pie

Chris and Carolyn Caldicott’s – spicy sweet potato burgers

Anjum Anand’s – Bengali style Baked Fish
Tandoori monkfish

Do you have a fave TV chef recipe that you would like some help making Slimming World friendly? Comment below and I will see if I can help.


One thought on “TV Chef Recipes made Slimming World Friendly

  1. I was bought Lorraine Pascale fast fresh food and The Hairy Dieters for Christmas. Surprisingly Lorraine Pascale is far more SW friendly than The Hairy Dieters, their meals are quite syn heavy!

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