Rump Steak, Wedges and Veg

Normally we eat fillet steak but this week when we did our shop the fillets all looked quite fatty so we went for rump. Instead of chips we went for sweet potato wedges because they have more health benefits than white potatoes and two veggie side dishes.

Luke’s steak was enormous and it actually defeated him, he has taken almost half of it with him to work today along with some quinoa and bulgar wheat with a lovely side salad.  I am quite strict about how much red meat we eat (mostly due to it’s high carbon impact) so Luke will be loving steak two days in a row!

Marks out of ten from Luke = 9
super free foods = 3
speed foods = 5
syns on extra easy= 0*

Rump Steak, Wedges and Veg.


-rump steak
– sweet potatoes cut into wedges and par boiled
– broccoli
– broad beans, peas, onion, garlic, spinach, fresh mint


– oven bake the par boiled sweet potato in a hot oven. For extra crunch and taste and fry light and a few sprigs of lemon thyme. If you like them super crispy follow the instructions on this post for making the perfect Slimming World Chips.
– pan fry the steak in fry light to your taste. For the perfect steak read this post.
 the broad beans, peas and mint make a lovely side dish that you can read about on this post.
– serve with steamed veg (we used broccoli)




* Although I make every effort to correctly work out syns values, please be aware that syn values may vary depending where you buy certain items and that being human I do make mistakes. If using my recipes please double check the syn value for yourself, I would hate a mistake to sabotage anyone’s weight loss.


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