Swimming for Weight-loss

This is a bit of an experiment I am writing this post in two parts; part 1 before I go swimming and part two when I get back.

Part 1: The Plan

I used to swim every day and I really enjoyed it, I was dieting at the time and didn’t loose weight but I could definitely tell the difference in terms of my lung capacity and recovery time.

Each morning I get up at 6 and make Luke’s lunch but as I work mainly evenings this can mean that I am awake and vegged out on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle all morning. So this weekend I finally decided that I should use my morning to do some more exercise. In true Kate style I have been scouring the internet for the best advice on making the most of my swimming work out.  Here is the advice I am taking along to the pool with me today.

Interval training

Many people believe that interval training increases the amount of calories you burn both during and after exercise I found two different ideas that I am going to try out in the pool today.
Firstly: swim 1 length and rest 20 seconds, swim 2 lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 4 lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 6 lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 8 lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 6 lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 4 lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 2lengths and rest 20 seconds, swim 1 length and rest 20 seconds
Secondly: swim 3 lengths slow and then 3 as fast as you can – repeat for however long you are swimming.


Don’t spend any more than 10% of your time in the pool resting.


Mix it up a bit by using floats to work different muscles and to stop yourself getting bored. The quicker you get bored the quicker you will get out of the pool.

Heart rate

To work out your ideal heart rate for burning fat burning, take your age away from 220 and then times that by 0.8. To quickly check it in the pool, when you stop for a rest count your heart beat for 6 seconds (use the pool clock) and then times by 10 to know your heart rate.


breast stroke – 60 calories per 10 minutes
front crawl – 100 calories per 10minutes
butterfly – 150 calories per 10 minutes.

Part 2: The Reality

Wow it has been a long time since I have been swimming!

I started off with 5 minutes swimming just to warm up (although I was pretty warm any way as it is a 30minutes walk to the pool from my house.

Then I went ahead with the interval thingy, it took me 40 minutes and I was so tired at the end. Whilst I was there I paid for a aqua fit class on Wednesday so I will let you know how that compares.

I can not tell how tired I am and how wobbly my legs are.


4 thoughts on “Swimming for Weight-loss

  1. HI
    I love your blog, it’s really inspiring me.
    I also have recently rediscovered my love of swimming after too many years to mention!
    I go to Jane’s Saturday class too-I’m Beccy. (the one who was going to dunk her head in a vat of chocolate had I not lost weight last week!).
    keep up the good work. See you on Saturday morning.
    Beccy x

    • Hi Beccy,

      Sorry for not realising it was you! I am always up for swimming so if you fancy a swim or a buddy for aqua fit then I’m happy to match our diaries up.
      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. How is this week going for you?
      Peace x

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