Saved By a Rat

Today after posting about how I stay motivated on my diet temptation struck!

I was at Birmingham New Street on my way to work ( I work quite a few evenings running groups for young people) The train was late, I was cold and the vending machine was right next to me!

I took out a £ and perused the sugary goods on offer, I was so close to chocolate heaven when a massive rat ran out from under the machine and attacked me (By attacked I mean scurried away).

I quickly put the £ back in my pocket, let’s hope that saving this £ helps me lose some lb’s on Saturday.

I still feel quite sick thinking about the rat, it’s clearly disturbed me as I’ve had to come and post this before I could think about getting to sleep! That rat better not intrude into my dreams tonight. Ugh! Just to cause debate, any one who thinks rats are cute is wrong! HAHA.

Night Night x

*disclaimer* the picture’s not mine it’s Googles. :S


2 thoughts on “Saved By a Rat

  1. hi Kate its Sarah from slimming world. Just thought id check out your site….. and I have to say this really made me laugh, gotta love it when you have a close get away from being a bit naughty, haha have a good week and see ya on sat!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for checking out my blog, people sharing and commenting on here really helps me stay focused.

      I hope you are having a great week.

      See you Saturday

      Peace xx

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