Staying Motivated to Loose Weight

Lots of people have asked me and Luke how we keep loosing so much weight every week. I think the first reason is because we have a lot of weight to loose, the second reason is because we stick to plan and don’t cheat. Having said that, it’s not as easy as you think to stay motivated. I know we are quite new at this but here are the things that are keeping us motivated so far.

lb’s 2 £’s 

For ever lb we have lost we are putting a £ in our box (see picture- it’s the box that looks like it has be decupaged   by a 6 year old). Now hopefully once we need some new clothes there will be some money. Now I know what you are thinking…. I only need to loose 30lbs and that wont replace my wardrobe, true but how about getting your friends/ family involved? After talking to family members we are currently earning £5 for every lb we loose. It looks like we’ll have enough to go on holiday never mind some new clothes. The catches? Well we can’t touch the money until we reach target and if we use all the money on a holiday we won’t have any money left for clothes! Any one know of any good nudist retreats?

Food Diary

We both religiously keep our food diaries. I like to be in control and this helps drastically. It is surprising how you can trip yourself up if you’re not writing things down. Normally I eat fruit for breakfast but this particular morning I decided to have cereal from my B option*. Normally I have two ‘Alpen Light Bars’ as an afternoon snack for my B option and that day was no different – I am a creature of habit, that evening when I sat down to write my food diary I saw that I had had cereal as well and then I had to count one of them as syns and couldn’t have any pudding! DISASTER! (apparently I am a dramatic creature of habit) Now we keep the diaries as we go along to make sure we don’t slip up. I also find it really helpful to see how much food I have eaten when I am thinking about snacking it really helps me re-asses whether or not I am actually hungry – often I’m more bored than hungry! I also highlight the what i have eaten for breakfast one colour, dinner another, lunch another and a final colour for snacks. This helps me identify why some days I snack more, helps me see where I use my syns, and helps Jane my consultant comment on what we are eating.


I can’t believe I am even admitting this but I have made us both a graph- I am quite a visual person, a map is definitely more helpful to me than a set of instructions (I’m a visual, dramatic creature of habit). So the graph goes a bit like this… vertical axis = lbs, horizontal axis  = weeks and then we plot our weightloss. I also mark on important goals so going across my graph is lines that say things like 2stone, club 10, you haven’t weighed this much since 1999! OMG! Going down my graph are lines that say things like mum’s wedding, Christmas, our anniversary  Luke’s birthday.
It means that I can quickly look and see how much we have lost and also work out really geeky things like if I loose 2lbs every week by my mum’s wedding I will be club 10, or if I lose 2lbs every week I will be OMG! by my 25th birthday!

The Big Question

Now this sounds really cheesy but I do actually do it and I’ve already told you about the graphs so what the hell. When ever I feel like ‘synning’ I ask myself, do I want this cake or to have a loss on Saturday more. Seriously try it out it is very powerful. Some times I do want the cake more but more often I want the loss.  Coincidentally, as a youth and families worker for a church I offer this advice to my young people too… Before you sin ask yourself this, ‘would you rather sin or ….’  HAHA! This is a half joke because it is half true! Scrap that I think that makes it funnier.

Staying To Group

When Luke agreed to join Slimming World with me, his condition was that he didn’t have to sit through the meetings. Having said that we have both stayed every week and find it really useful. I am always picking up hints and tricks to make food healthier and more tasty.  This week I am going to be trying to make scotch eggs as described by our consultant Jane. You do really feel supported staying to group and I can not recommend it enough!

I would really love to hear from some of you who have been Slimming for longer and still manage to keep motivated. What keeps you going? Do you have any top advice to share? I would genuinely love to know. I’m sure some of you have read this and are now worried for Luke in regard to my liking to be in control but spare a thought for me too, when he reads this tonight I’m going to have to sit through another talk about not making unfunny jokes and then laughing at my self!

*Some of the terminology in the post is very specific to Slimming world, for more info have a look in my about section where you will find a bit of an explanation of slimming world and a link to their website.


8 thoughts on “Staying Motivated to Loose Weight

  1. Tell Luke not to worry about unfunny jokes, I loved this post 🙂 I’m struggling to stick with it at the moment, and this is just what I needed – a bit of inspiration! I am quite a visual person too, so maybe I should try making a graph of my own 🙂 I quite like the idea of asking people to ‘sponsor’ me a pound for every lb – I need all I can get! Thanks for this post x

    • Thank you I will tell him! I think a graph really helps because you can see the overall loss every time. My second week I only lost 1 lb and Luke lost 7 I was really upset because we eat the same stuff and I exercise more, but on the graph it’s really clear to see the accumulation of your losses and helps you remember that small losses and the occasional gains are all ok because you are on a journey and it’s the end result that’s most important, not how long it takes to get there.

      I put on weight on my holiday and came back and followed this plan for 4 days and ended up loosing 5 lbs plus the weight I had put on, do you fancy the challenge?

      Peace Katie x

      • Wow, well done 🙂 It is true, the most healthy way of losing weight is to do it gradually, looking at long term rather than ‘I want to do a diet that will let me get to my goal in 2 weeks, no matter how little I can eat’. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. That sounds good, I know that when I get back on SW I need to focus on speed foods. At the moment I am having a detox, which is very similar to eating lots of speed foods. It’s already making me feel better, so once I’ve finished that I will definitely take up the challenge! x

      • Super, Please let me know how it goes; the detox and the challenge! My gran is always full of wisdom, she said to me earlier this week, ‘well at least you won’t put all your weight back on once you’ve lost it and you know how bloody hard it is to loose it’. haha x

  2. so glad to se another couple on SW 🙂 My boyfriend only realy comes with me as suport but is stil aiming for a stone and a ahlf off. It helps so much having them there though, we plan wekly meals, go shoping together, do body magic together and we might start the money reward thing too. Bles as Im typing this I just get a text from him asking how many cyns cheesecake is 😛 x

    • HAHA brilliant, Tell him to download the app I couldn’t live with out ‘syns on the go’. I think doing it together makes it alot easier for me because we don’t buy stuff we shouldn’t eat. Last night we both realised we hadn’t syned that day and fancied a treat and the best I could off was a 2 syns options hot chocolate!
      We haven’t found any body magic that we can do together as of yet, apart from the obvious! What do you guys get up to?

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