Scotch Eggs Slimming World Style

When our consultant Jane told us how to make our own scotch eggs that could be up to 10 syns less than the shop bought version we new it would be something that we would have to try at home. Yesterday on my day off I made a batch with a pack of sausages I would have to throw out if I hadn’t used them that day. They are really tasty and my version are only 2 syns each but yours will depend entirely on the syn value of the sausages you use. We have found that Tesco’s light choices sausages have the lowest syn value, look around and remember to check the syn values for yourself and not rely on what other people say.

Luke is loving these as he was getting a bit bored with his lunch box, it’s a great way to get a few extra days out of sausage and eggs that are nearing their use by date.

Marks out of ten from Luke = 7
super free foods = 0
speed foods = 0
syns on extra easy= 2*

Scotch Eggs Slimming World Style.

Ingredients (per scotch egg)

-1 soft boiled egg
– 2 sausages with their skins removed
– 1/4 pinch of black pepper, 1/4 pinch of chopped thyme
– smash
– fry light


– to soft boil the eggs. Put the eggs in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil, once boiling leave the eggs in the water for a futher 2 minutes and then remove from the pan. Shell the eggs and leave on one side to cool slightly.
– season the sausage meat with black pepper and thyme.
– squash the sausage meat into a disc and then shape around the egg. Don’t be afraid to pull bits off and stick it back in places where the meat is thin or there are gaps.
– roll the sausage covered eggs in smash (smash that is straight from the packet not mash potato!), spray with spray light and then bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees C.

– serve with plenty of super free salad, don’t under estimate how much you need to ensure it counts as 1/3 of your plate.

Top Tips

Make sure you are not too heavy handed with the thyme, if you add to much it can end up tasting a little soapy, you could always use Italian herbs if you prefer.

* Although I make every effort to correctly work out syns values, please be aware that syn values may vary depending where you buy certain items and that being human I do make mistakes. If using my recipes please double check the syn value for yourself, I would hate a mistake to sabotage anyone’s weight loss.


One thought on “Scotch Eggs Slimming World Style

  1. I am definitely going to try these, although my consultant said that the smash coating should be syned as it as a “tweak” as you are not using it for the intended purpose. I am lucky that I have a local supplier of Joes Sausages which are amazingly free on SW!!! I think they do mail order, I can ask for the details at my next meeting.

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