A Slimmers Guide to the Party Season

I know I went out last night because I woke up in desperate need of the loo and found my dress and shoes on the bathroom floor and was then greeted in the mirror by a panda eyed stranger. I also know I went out last night because this morning I am lovely and sober.

Yesterday in group I admitted to having to stay very strict with my self because going off plan makes me panic and worry, we were talking about this in relation to going to a friends party and not knowing weather to drink. I had made a goal for myself that I wouldn’t drink any alcohol until I had reached club 10 (lost 10% of my body weight) I had also read that the most unhelpful thing you can do when trying to loose weight is drink your calories. Having missed out on Club 10 by 2lbs I was on unsure what to do. In my mind it’s a bit like dipping into your saving account for things that you weren’t meant to spend on and then finding out there’s no money left. (I’m not sure that makes sense outside of my head.)

With the help of my group here are some top tips on how to enjoy the party season with out it being detrimental to your weight loss.

Weigh up the Party

There’s a big difference between your best mates wedding and being dragged along to your friends friends party as their plus one. Decide which celebrations your are going to celebrate at then stick to it. By doing this you could end up cutting the amount of nights you exceed your syn / calorie allowance by 1/3 or even 1/2 and you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on of the celebrations important to you

Drink Smart

Perhaps a smaller cup would help keep the calories down!

Spirit’s and diet mixes are less syns/ calories than other drinks. Spritzers will make the calories in your wine go further and drinking diet/sugar free drinks between drinks will also save on calories/ syns. If you are weighing up between two bottles of wine, the one with the lower alcohol percentage will be the least syns because the more alcohol means there’s more sugar in their to be fermented into alcohol an the more sugar in it the more calories/syns.


Fill up on super free food before you go so you don’t snack on high syn/ calorie food once you are there. We had a large stir fry with 11 different vegetables in it and a piece of grilled salmon. We were also prepared for this morning we have everything on stand by for a lovely slimming world friendly English breakfast.

Body Magic

Are you going to be dancing? combat those extra syns / calories with more exercise throughout the week.

Plan then Relax

If you have a plan then stick to it you don’t need to spend the next 48 hours beating yourself up about what you drank the night before and you stay completely in control.

Thank you to everyone who had some advice to share at slimming world yesterday. I had a good time and I’m looking forward to a week of body magic, food optomising  and the occasional syn.


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