Dieting While Time and Money’s Tight

People make lot’s of excuses why they don’t stick to their diet plan but often you hear time and money come up but I have just made a weeks worth of lunches, an evening meal, my lunch for today and a massive fruit salad all in 30 minutes with recipes that won’t break the bank.

This is what I have made;

5 portions of beetroot soup
3 portions of chicken tagine
a massive bowl of fruit salad
chicken salad for my lunch

How did I get all of this done in 30 minutes? Like this (detailed instructions for the tagine to follow);

– put a saucepan of vegetable stock onto boil
– put a packet of pasta sauce on to cook (using only water, not butter and milk)
– put a frying pan on to heat up
– get a plate ready for the salad
-open the fridge and pull out vegetables, chop and add to the different pans. put some on the plate if it can be eaten raw, some in the stock if it will work in soup and some in the frying pan if it will work in a tagine – ultimately what goes where is your choice. (I ended up with, swede, potato,carrot, beetroot, onion and celery in the soup. celery, tomoato, sugar snap peas, baby corn, peppers, beetroot, carrot on the salad plate and tomatoes, onions, swede, peppers, sugar snap peas and courgette in the tagine)
-add diced chicken to the tagine (frying pan)
– once everything is cooked add some of the veg and chicken to the pasta sauce then leave to cool down ready for tomorrows lunch box and add some of the chicken to the salad along with a dollop of cottage cheese.
– blend the soup and leave to cool.
-add chick peas and tinned tomatoes along with tagine spices to the frying pan and leave to simmer.
-while the tagine simmers chop up your fruit salad items.

then you are DONE!

I feel that was a very productive way to spend my lunch time, and now I won’t have to get up in the morning to make Luke’s lunch! NICE ONE!

How do you save time and money while ensuring you stay on plan?

Luke’s Lunch


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