Getting Enough Fiber

This week our slimming world consultant challenged us to think carefully about our Healthy Extra B options. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Slimming World the healthy Extra B option (HEXB) is a weighed portion of food that contains a recommended daily allowance of fiber. This could be in the form of ryvita, some cereals, cooked fruit, dried fruit or oil but the important part is to ensure that the amount is weighed or measured according to the values provided by slimming world.

This week our focus was to ensure that we are eating the correct amount – i.e. not missing any and having the right portion size. Also this week we are thinking about how to make our HEXB’s go that little bit further here are my favourite ways of enjoying my HEXB’s


Weatabix topped with fruit salad and a Muller Light yogurt.


Ryvita topped with soft cheese (HEXA) and smoked salmon with a big side salad
Ryvita Dipped into home made soup packed full of speed vegetables.


Chickpea tagine with dried apricots or dates in it.


fruit salad topped with Muller Light and an ALpen bar crumbled on top


2 Alpen Light bars with a cuppa and an apple

I would love to hear your ideas, I am always up for trying something new.

not the best picture but it keeps me going till lunch!


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