Skinny Comfort Food


Food can be comforting for lots of reasons, it can warm us up, make us nostalgic or simply just give our bodies a temporary boost from sugar and fat! This last reason is why comfort food can be tricky on a diet, especially when comfort eating can lead to over eating and a whole bunch of negative emotions that we have spent time dealing with on our weight loss journeys.

Food, and the food we consume is so intrinsically bound to our emotive state, how much we are looking after ourselves and what’s going on with our bodies. We need to get to know ourselves and our food habits in order to safe guard ourselves from those pesky weight gains. This week has been rather stressful for me, my body and its girly cycle is all over the place and I have just been feeling rather ill. I have however stuck to plan but I have also been listening to my body. This morning I was in desperate need of some food comfort and had a lovely brunch. I stuck to plan, I ate my 1/3 super free veg and most importantly 5 hours on feeling a bit better I have no guilt because I know I stuck to plan.

I think this week might end up being a first for me, I am expecting a weight gain on the scales, I have stuck to my diet by my body is all over the place and I feel lethargic and heavy. I think the important thing is to keep going. I’m sure I will need all of your kind words post Saturday if I have had a gain, but still maybe there are things to learn from that (should it happen). Don’t worry I haven’t given up yet still two and 1/2 days of plan left to go before my fate is sealed (well for that week).

Sorry for the little ramble, just wanted to share, encouragement as always, welcomed.



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