A Week of Celebrations

There has been a lot to celebrate over the past week. Visiting family, my mum’s wedding, and our own anniversary. We have eaten SO much, and not in the ‘omg @slimmingworld01 saved my life, I eat so much and still loose weight #nolongerafatty’ way, in the we ate so much that we know we shouldn’t have ever eaten. But it was all for good reason, and we have enjoyed ourselves.

Here is the diary of what we have eaten over the past week. Maybe we should open a sweep stake for you all to guess what the scales will read on Saturday!


weigh in – I reached club 10 so ate a bag of mini stars!
lunch – subway on the train!
dinner – Indian (I was good I had sparkling water, no starter, no dessert and boiled rice with salad and tandori chicken breast, Luke was not good, lots of beer and lots of banquet )
supper – my grannies coffee walnut cake


breakfast – me fruit and a muller corner, Luke toast and home made jam
lunch – (wedding breakfast) Me: melon, slamon and veg, no dessert. Luke, prawns, chicken and veg, his pudding and mine! both: lots of wine.
dinner – burger king (haha)


both – food optomised


both – food optomised

Wednesday: (annivsary)

We food optomised all day but in the evening…
a glass of wine, domions pizza, and a box of chocolates

The plan is to food optomise for the next two days and hope the damage at the scales isn’t to bad on Saturday. How do you think we will do?

eeep, I am quite nervous!

On a brighter note, now that we have both achieved club 10 it’s time for our first before and after picture!


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