The Best apps for weight loss

I love my new iPad, it is amazing, and there are some great apps out there to help you along with your weight loss. Here is a few of my favourites.

slimming world app

This is a complete ‘must’ for any one doing slimming world. You download it and log in ( the same as you would on line) then you have a syn calculator that you can take any where. You just type in the product and it tells you how many syns it is on extra easy, green and original plans. I couldn’t live with out it

my fitness pal

My fitness pal helps you keep a food diary and an exercise then works out how many calories you have eaten and burnt that day. It has a graph to keep track of your weight. You can link with friends and encourage each other. It really helps you think more about how the slimming world plan works and helps me control my portion sizes.


A forum where you can look at all the different diets out there. Loads of amazing advice, help and recipes specific to slimming world. It’s a bit complex if your new to forums but well worth persevering with.


I love this app, it’s great for body magic. You enter a start point and end point and it plans you a walk. Or if you want to start and end in the same place you put in how long you want to walk for and how long you are going to walk for and it plans you a circular route. You can even see how many calories you burnt doing, how hilly the walk is and how much CO2 you saved by doing the walk compared to your normal transport method.

meal planner

This is great for planning your meals and creating a shopping list. I love it and it is really easy to use.

Any one using any other apps I should download to help with my weightloss?


6 thoughts on “The Best apps for weight loss

  1. I’m on an Android phone, so I don’t know if you’ll be able to get this on an iPad, but Points Tracker is one I use – it doesn’t specifically say syns, nor does it work them out for you, but you can set your weekly limit and enter syns all day long – this is handy for me as although I keep a food diary in a Word Doc on my laptop, I used to forget to note down syns I had when I was out and about so this helps as I can put it straight on πŸ™‚ Also helps work out how many syns you have left at the end of the week if you want to have a few extra on WI day πŸ™‚

    • You can defy get slimming world app on your phone, luke has an android phone and uses it. It’s great for times when your out and about and want to eat something but you aren’t sure of the syn value. It’s really specific you can put in the brand or shop name to get the syns for that exact product. Or if you search for a type of food you can then look through and see which brand is least syns. I really think its a must! Have a go.

      How do you do your food diary, table, list?

      • Yeah but you need to subscribe to Slimming World online, right? I don’t have the money to do that so I am going it alone πŸ™‚ Working well so far! 26lbs lost and only 11lbs left to my target πŸ™‚

        I just do a daily thing of: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Total Syns. Under each title I add what I ate and if it is free, just that, or if it has a syn value or Healthy Extra then write that in brackets afterwards… Sounds complicated! If you have a look at my blog posts I’m sure there’s an example on one of the posts there πŸ™‚

      • Well done, if u ever want some specific syns working out let me know, happy to help.

        I’ll have a look how you do your sheets now, it’s a shame you can’t get to group I find them really supportive.

      • Aw thank you πŸ™‚ I feel I get a lot of support though – I honestly don’t feel like I’m missing out on much, though I would like to get to a group one day if I can afford it. I’m a member of Minimins which is an online dieting forum and there is so much support there it’s unbelievable πŸ™‚

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