Autumn Tastes and Colours

It’s definitely getting colder isn’t it? It’s not just me is it? If you’re anything like me then cold = hungry. Today, inspired by the beautiful colours in my fruit bowl I have made some really tasted, warming and filling soup, Cajun spiced roast root veg. Mmmm, I roasted some lovely organic carrots and parsnips along with a butternut squash, garlic and Cajun spices. And then slowly sweated some onions and made some veg stock. Once the veg were roasted I plopped them all in the same pan and let their flavours mingle for half an hour on a slow heat before blending into a lovely smooth hearty soup.


Brilliant to warm you up, fill you up and help you loose weight.

How are you all dealing with these cold nights on your slimming world plans?


One thought on “Autumn Tastes and Colours

  1. Sounds yummy and yes i think its time to give up on the slimming world quiche and look for alternatives. That’s really quite easy as i love hot and spicy ….. hubbs makes a lovely stew … on day one its just veg… day 2 he adds some finely chopped steamed beef and then if there’s any left on day 3 we’ll add some curry powder 🙂
    Just looked up the recipe for butternut squash & tomato curry, then will be making the baked bean & tomato soup 🙂 all very yummy.

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