Super Free Boost

A big part of the extra easy plan on slimming world is ensuring that 1/3 of your meals and snacks are super free. For the none slimming worlders among you super free foods are low in calories but fill you up like fruits and vegetables.

Last night I made a (kind of) shepherds pie that was packed full of veg.

I took some pictures but you couldn’t really see the different layers so I have drawn it for you. The meat layer had onions, peppers, celery, carrots, swede, broccoli and cauliflower. Next was a layer of diced and boiled celeriac. Next I topped half with mash and the half with mashed carrot and swede to reduce the amount of carbs and boost the amount of super free veg. I then fried some leeks in spray light and topped the whole thing with the leeks.

Do you guys have any tips for increasing your super free foods? I like to grate veg into meat sauces and to start meals with super free soups or end with a fruit salad. Share your tips with me, I’m looking forward to hearing your advice.



6 thoughts on “Super Free Boost

  1. I do the same thing as you as in put loads of veg etc in sauces, especially grated carrot which is my favourite to put in most things 🙂 Also, I use lots of courgette as it’s a nice bulky thing that takes on the flavour of everything else 🙂

    • Yeah I love courgette, but I grate it in stuff along with carrots and celery because luke doesn’t like them. I find if you cook the celery and carrot and onion slowly at the beginning your sauce gets lovely and sweet to counteract tartness in tin tomatoes. Thanks for sharing your tips. What does any one else do?

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