A Bad Day in a Good Week

If any of you spoke to me yesterday I would have undoubtedly told you everything was crap and the world was ending and I was really unhappy. Yes it was THAT time of the month AGAIN. Yet on reflection,  my calmer, more collected self thinks actually I have had quite an amazing week.

I was really nervous about the last post where I spilled my guts about how I had been feeling for so long. But the response I had was amazing. So many people have signed up to Press Play and have sent lovely emails saying things like, ‘I feel like that too’ or ‘that could have been written by me’ or ‘I used to feel like that, but now I don’t and you will get there!’. I am so excited to begin the press play challenge, I cant wait. If you have no idea what I am on about then read this post, or if you do know what I’m on about and want to sign up by sending an email to slimmingcouple@live.co.uk

What else has been good this week…? Well I lost another 1lb at the scales this week for a total now of 2st 2lb which I am very happy about. And Luke is creeping ever closer to the 3st award with another 4lb off at the scales this week.

How is everyone else doing?



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