A Celebration of Super Free Food: White Asparagus

I really like asparagus so when presented with a bag of white asparagus for only 64p I had to try it. Because I was success expressing and because it was such a treat ( even though it was cheap) I wanted to make it the main part of my meal.

Having already used up my syns for that day hollandaise sauce was out of the question so I opted for a poached egg. I simply steamed the asparagus and topped with a dippy egg. The asparagus dipped in the egg yolk was amazing.

I did a search for asparagus recipes but the ones I found were really high in fat and calories (and therefore syns), does any one do anything interesting with asparagus that elevates it from side dish but keeps it low syn?



5 thoughts on “A Celebration of Super Free Food: White Asparagus

  1. I make a potato salad which includes asparagus – boil some waxy potatoes and add chopped asparagus, fine green beans and sugar snap peas for the last 3-4 minutes of the cooking time. Drain and add a syn free salad dressing/vinaigrette whilst all the ingredients are still piping hot. Gorgeous hot or cooled and totally free on green or EE

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