Squashed and Roasted Apache Potatoes, with Garlic and Herbs

You just have to try these. I like garlic roast potatoes but always find that I get the timing of adding the garlic wrong and end up with bitter burnt lumps of garlic. With this recipe the garlic was strong and fragrant- not at all burnt.

For this I used apache potatoes because they are pretty, waxy and have firm skins. First boil your potatoes, whole in the skin, small ones work best. Then drain the water and let them dry off. Then smash them… I used a rolling pin. I found one firm swift whack was best, you want the potatoes to stay together in one piece but for the skin to rupture and lots of nooks and crannies to appear.

Put the smashed potatoes on a hot baking tray and spray liberally with fry light ( low cal spray oil) then season with salt and pepper. Now for my favourite bit… Grate a few cloves of garlic on the finest grate of your grater and then tuck the garlic pulp into the cracks of the potatoes. This infuses the whole roastie and doesn’t allow the garlic to burn. Then pop in the oven for 30/40mins ( a hot hot oven) and job done.

If you make these with fry light and not oil they are syn free, they are really tasty and I promise you’ll make them again!



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