Sarah’s Story

After this weeks slimming world, Sarah and I went out for some lunch and a good natter. We were talking about one of our favourite topics (slimming world and weight loss) when she said something that I thought was really nice. She said, ‘it makes me really sad when people give up or think they can’t do it (loose weight). I think it would be really good if we could take part of the brain of someone who has reached target and implant it into the brain of someone who is struggling’. Neither me nor Sarah are brain surgeons and we aren’t even sure if this sort of brain transplant would work but we think we have come up with the next best thing….

Sarah has lost an amazing amount of weight with slimming world and to help inspire any of you who are struggling (including me who maintained at the scales this week) I have interviewed her so that hopefully we can perform a mini brain transplant via blog! Here goes nothing.

So Sarah how long have you been doing slimming world?
about 6 months now

And in that time how much weight have you lost?
2st13.5 lbs, but actually I have lost more than that, in total I have lost about 4 st. Before I started slimming world I was calorie counting and lost some weight doing that. It got to the point though where I wasn’t loosing weight, I was loosing 3lb during the week and then putting it back on at weekends . I got bored and demoralised by not loosing any weight so started coming to slimming world with my mum who already went.

Did you take much convincing to join slimming world?
ha! Yeah, about 6 weeks! Each week I would go to my mum’s house and flick through the slimming world plan, I kept asking her, ‘how on earth does this work?’ She explained to me but I just couldn’t see how you would loose any weight doing it. Finally I just decided to take a leap of faith and do it, even in my first week I didn’t think it would work but I lost 3lb. Then I just kept going, in 6 months I’ve only gained weight twice.

Well done, so have you found it quite easy to keep going then? Ever thought about giving up?
One week I was really angry at my self because I had put weight on, I had only gained 1/2lb but I was really annoyed. I was ready to give up and throw the towel in, in group I had a little rant about it, but people in the group were really supportive and by the end of the group I was laughing about it and ready to face another week. Next week I lost 3lb, that’s why I love group, everyone is really nice.

What else do you like about coming to our slimming world group?
I think the best thing is feeling in charge. All those snacks that I used to hide or eat in secret and pretend they didn’t count I can now have as part of a healthy balanced diet by using my syns to keep on top of them. I love feeling in control and knowing that I have the power to change myself by following the slimming world plan.

And just for balance what’s the worst thing?
urm? I’m not sure, I guess the hardest thing for me was realising and acknowledging that I needed to do something about my weight and then making my self come through the door that first time. For a long time I’d been looking at myself but not really seeing or acknowledging what was there.

Was coming to your first class as scary as you thought it would be?
Our group is really nice and friendly. I have to admit in the new member talk I still thought it wasn’t going to work and people kept saying cheesy things like, ‘ are you ready for you’ and it wasn’t until I started loosing weight and moving along this journey that I realised what people meant and I started to think, yes I am ready to make time for me and do things for me. At first though I was really sceptical, for me it was just a massive leap of faith that first week. I really want to encourage others to make that leap too.

You mentioned cheesy sayings, what’s the cheesiest thing you’ve heard someone say at slimming world?
I’m not sure exactly how they said it, but it was something like, ‘ you don’t get in a taxi if you don’t know where you’re going and just tell the driver take me anywhere. You get in with a destination in mind.’ Then it was linked to having something to aim for like health or weight or dress size. I’m also a big fan of the last question we are asked every week at the end of meeting, ‘ so will I be seeing less of you next week?’

Speaking of targets and destinations, you’re looking rather good Sarah you can’t be far off your target now?
I have a little bit more to loose, I’m a healthy BMI now but want to loose another 7lbs, that’s still within my healthy BMI range.

How does it feel to be so close to target?
Great, it feels good, it’s in touching distance now which is nice.

And what’s the biggest change you have felt in yourself now your 4st lighter?
I feel better, I finally feel more beautiful and more deserving. I didn’t used to think I deserved nice things or treating well and now I know that’s not true, and know that I deserve the best.

Thank you Sarah, I think your approach to weight loss really inspiring, you are really helping keep me motivated. And thank you for sharing your before photos with us. It’s amazing to see.
Just three more questions then we can get back our diet cokes and gossip!

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while you’ve been at slimming world.
A few weeks ago our consultant was asking what we wanted for christmas, weight loss wise and people were sharing what they wanted. And one of the older ladies that comes to group requested a sugar daddy, then there were some cringey ‘body magic’ jokes.

What’s your fave slimming world meal
I’m a fan of a simple curry, tomatoes, veg, chicken, spices. Job done. I do simple food.

And finally what advice would you give to someone who was struggling, or someone who was thinking of starting slimming world?
stop thinking about it and just join. Take a leap of faith the first week and stick completely to plan. Seeing how much you loose when you stick to it is inspiration to continue. And for those of you who are struggling, you know plan works so get back to basics, re read your plan, make sure your weighing things that need to be weighed and keep a food diary. I say just go for it.

A massive thanks to Sarah for agreeing to be interviewed, in the pub mid girlie lunch. You are truly inspiring and I know lots of people will be inspired after reading this.

I’ll see less of you next week at group!



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