Blog posts are like buses…

…you wait three months for one to turn up and then two turn up at once. Sorry about that.

Today is day one of my plan to get back on track and it involves cleaning my house. hopefully the process will declutter my brain at the same time and will create a space of calm instead of a space where I feel like I CBA and dial for pizza! (for more about ‘the plan’ go here)

SO it seems that these days I can’t do anything with out first consulting the wonderful world of online advice blogs. From kitchen cleaning to how to make bird boxes there seems to be a blog out there with the answer.

For a long time I have wanted to know the answer to: what is the most efficient way to clean my entire home in the quickest possible way without cutting corners so of course I Googled it.

It turns out that for me at least the best and quickest way is too write a list, put the radio on and clean one job at a time (instead of one room at a time). Here’s the page that changed my life!

So here is the plan for day one of ‘the plan’;

1) write list of all jobs to be done

2) put hot water on

3) relax and wait for Luke to come home for lunch

4) feed Luke and send him on his way

5) turn radio on

6) tick off all jobs on to-do list

7) report back on sucess of day 1

wish me luck!


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