slipping off plan and gaining weight

The last time I opened my blog to post it was the 6th of November, I was loving slimming world and had lost 2st 2lb, I was regularly exercising and feeling really good about the way I looked and my increased energy. My net loss is now 1st 6lb and I don’t feel so great. over the past three months I haven’t gained slowly the 10lbs of weight I have fluctuated up and down loosing some weeks and gaining others, my lowest weigh in during this time recorded a weight loss of 2st 8lbs meaning I have (in net terms) gained about a stone since my lightest weigh in at slimming world. I thought it was about time I came clean and made amends!

reasons for gains:

1) stopped doing plan properly. I was skipping meals and getting really hungry and then eating something high fat or sugar for energy.

2) I started guessing not weighing and measuring

3) I went OTT for Christmas, then epiphany, and still now in lent! :S

4) Luke went off plan too and we kind of encouraged each other to continue thus.

5) I wasn’t blogging or keeping a food diary

6) I have stopped enjoying food, I haven’t been cooking or taking time, I’ve been working stupid hours.

So it seems like I know where I have gone wrong, I’m not blaming anyone but myself so why is it so hard to get back on track? there’s no doubt that I felt better when i was on plan and loosing weight and that I do want to loose weight.

I have the mostly lovely Slimming world group but I still feel a bit embarrassed about going back. Entirely a problem in my own head, everyone at group would be lovely. – I also can’t afford to pay all the back fees
Also I feel like I have to lose a stone before I start loosing weight again. I’m in two minds about starting again and doing a rejoin but that would mean starting again at zero and ignoring the fact that I have already lost some weight.

the plan:

Get my life and my head in order and re join slimming world on Saturday.

Monday: clean and declutter my house

Tuesday: re read my slimming world packs

Wednesday: last blow out (its my birthday)

Thursday: write food plans for the next few weeks

Friday: clean kitchen top to bottom and throw out all ‘synful’ food.

Saturday: rejoin slimming world and go food shopping.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you have any ideas of how to make this journey more sustainable I would love to know. I need to make life long changes not just have something to obsess over for a few months.

Thank you



4 thoughts on “slipping off plan and gaining weight

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  2. Aww Hun! I know how you feel! My frame of mind is quite similar. It’s in your hands…. Only you can turn it around. Stay positive!! X

  3. Don’t feel embarrassed bout returning to group, it is there to help you and no one will judge you. You are not on a diet it is about changing life long habits and taking control of what you eat. Read your blog from the beginning, it is a great resource to have and a great record of your progress so far. I came here googling for recipes and have made the onion bhajis and Goan curry so far, both delicious. I hope you continue on your journey and post a new recipe once in a while. As for making it sustainable, I batch cook and freeze a lot of my meals and I am in love with my slow cooker! I tend to have a week where I manically prepare, cook and freeze and then by the end of the month when motivation and money are running low, I have lots of nice meals to choose from in the freezer. My other strategy is to “keep it out the house”

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