So hungry I could eat a horse.

It doesn’t quite have the same connotations when we say that now does it! But not to worry this post isn’t about a horsey findus lasagne. My skinny Bolognese filling is much better than horse for a lasagne!

The actual point of my post is that I’m starving.

My slimming world consultant always says, if your hungry your not doing plan but today I have done plan and I’m starving. I am going to post my food diary for the day and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I could add or change to help be less hungry!


2 light hi if bars ( hex b)
2 baby bell ( hex a)
Muller light

2 tangerines

Lunch ( main meal of the day)

Noodles with loads of stir fried veg ( cabbage, samphire, asparagus, mushrooms, leeks, carrots, broccoli and peas) and left over slices of lean lamb.

a whole mango, kiwi, 2 oranges, 1 passion fruit and a pear made into fruit salad topped with muller light and smashed meringue nest. (2.5) syns


To fair trade mini chocolate bars (9 syns)

I drink loads of fruit teas and water too.

Please help!


6 thoughts on “So hungry I could eat a horse.

  1. Although you are on plan SW wise, I don’t think your day is balanced enough, I think you needed more protein and carbs although I am no way an expert, I am figuring this all out for myself too! I have to have a heavier breakfast so usually have porridge made with 3/4 water and 1/4 milk HEA and two pieces of fruit chopped up and stirred into it, or I have SW fried breakfast if I am not working and want to save my HEs. I rarely snack before lunch as my porridge keeps me going all morning. I rarely use all my milk allowance so make rice pudding which I portion up and keep in the fridge,for either a snack or desert. (I do half milk and half water, 1tsp sugar as I don’t like using sweetener.) sometimes I have it as breakfast with fruit if I fancy a change.

    • Your right, today wasn’t very balanced. It was an odd day because I started work at 3 and finished at 9 so missed a meal, hence eating the fruit for tea.

      I was craving meat when I got home ( no jokes please) so I think my body agrees with you about the protein.

      A more normal day was yestday,
      Omelette for breakfast
      Sliced banana on toast

      Then chicken breast and salad for lunch

      Roast dinner for tea

      Snacks baby bell, fruit and muller light.

      But I was still hungry then. Maybe it’s psychological just about getting back to plan?

      What do you think?

      Ps love the rice pudding tip!

  2. Tammy has just echoed my thoughts exactly! Definitely all good stuff, but nowhere near enough of the stuff that will keep you full! I am hopeless on a day that has no/few carbs. I can eat 24/7 on fruit & salad but I always feel that there is a hole in my tummy when I do and never feel satisfied. Whack some carbs & protein in there and you will be laughing. 🙂

  3. Tammy is right, you need more proteins, most of the things you had are watery like the noodles and oranges. Liquid fruits and food tend to fill you up for a while and then you feel hungry again after a while, so you need to eat something solid like meat or chicken for once which is still healthy but will fill you up

  4. I made roasted chickpeas today, lots of recipes online but basically drain, dry, spray with frylight add spices and cook for 30-45 mins. They have a low GI and high in fibre so a great snack to fill you up, I think they should be syned as they are eaten as a snack but I didn’t bother. They would be nice in a salad too.

    • Nigel slater has a chick pea ball recipe that is very slimming world family and is made kinda like slimming world onion Bhajis. He uses roasted chickpeas in those. Ill find it and post it.

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