Keeping focused long term

Every week I put my weight into the slimming world website and it creates a little graph for me to see my weightloss. That was fine for the first 16 weeks when I did nothing but loose weight. But now it shows my gains too!

I think I would be much happier with a smoother decline, slower maybe but less erratic!

I was just wondering if any of you have been on longer journeys than me if you have any tips for making a weightloss that bit more relaxed and therefore sustainable?

I’ve taken my weight off this graph but to give you an idea of scale there’s just under a three stone difference between my heaviest and lightest points on this graph.



6 thoughts on “Keeping focused long term

  1. I only started in December, but the others at group with sustained losses are very focused and plan, plan plan. One lady has lost 5 stone in as many months! She plans the week ahead and does lots of batch cooking on a Sunday evening so most days she just has to get her meal out of the freezer in the morning. I am still trying to juggle the time and cost needed to do this healthy eating malarkey as well as working and taking care of my kids. I am trying to plan my time better and think ahead when planning as I would plan particular meals but have no time to shop or cook it. I always cook far more than I need to so freeze for later and also try to do batch cooking when I can. I also remind myself the weight has taken five plus years to go on, so it is not going to disappear overnight!

    • Wow that’s impressive. Both the loss and the commitment and the organisation.

      I don’t think my freezer is big enough for that.

      One of our main problems is working different hours and never eating together.

  2. I’ve been on Slimming World for nearly a year, and it’s only recently that I’ve actually pulled my finger out and go going properly. Keeping focused for the longer term for me means keeping aware of how I feel (I found my stairs much more difficult at the start of the year than I do now), my clothes are getting too big, I feel awful if I have junk food in any vast quantity. It’s the little things that are adding up for me at the moment. Well done on your losses to date!!

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