Bored of Salad?

I’m not sure what is happening with my lap top but by pressing the publish post button I have managed to delete the post I had just written so here it goes again.

Bored of Salad? take two.

I am always amazed, in fact for the second time today I am amazed 😉 by the vast amount f choice in our supermarkets. A whole isle of condiments, your wouldn’t have room in your cupboards to have one of each. Yet despite this our food shopping habits are exactly that, habits, habits that die-hard.

How often do we pick up the same stuff week in week out? Even worse have delivered to our houses exactly what we ordered the week before from our internet shopping.

But I sympathise, some weeks finding time to cook can be difficult never mind finding time to get creative with our cooking or tackle and artichoke! It’s no wonder we can become bored with our slimming world meals, some weeks in group I keep a mental count of how many times someone suggests a slimming world Quiche! they are like the slimming world cure for everything, going to a party what should you take, picnic what should you make, what to do with the pasta and sauce in this weeks slimmer of the week basket, how can you stop yourself reaching for the biscuit tin. Haha, the slimming world Quiche reminds me of a time in Ghana when a family were drying some curious torpedo shaped clay things, I asked what they were for and they said, ‘medicine’ when I asked what it was used for they said, ‘whats wrong with you.’

However I digress. Time to be creative with food can be difficult and that can lead to monotony and that can lead to boredom and that can lead to slipping off plan but I have some good news! I have found a man who has spent two years being creative with salad! In fact he spent a whole year eating a different salad every day. Now they’re not all on plan but they can all be tweaked to use lower fat dressings or leave out the toasted pine nuts.

I introduce you to Salad Pride!

I only found it this morning and already my head is buzzing with ideas. Here are my top three (out of the ones I have already seen)

  1. prawn, strawberry and rocket with smoked chilli dressing.
  2. courgette, bean, spring onion and pesto.
  3. giant cous cous, roasted vegetables and rocket.

You really should click the link and check out the blog though if only for some food porn his pictures are amazing.

So it got me thinking, let’s have a salad off share your ideas via the comments and ill make them up, and take some photographs and we’ll see if we can make some Salads to be proud of too!


2 thoughts on “Bored of Salad?

  1. hahahahaha, ‘counting the number of times people say ‘quiche’!!
    I am going to check this blog out as I always stick to the same old lettuce (albeit in different forms!), tomatoes and cucumber. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 x

    • Thank you, we’ll done with your loss today. I have just eaten and blogged about my first salad so have a look. Let me know if you make any!

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