We’re back!!!

I’ve been dreading this so much!

But I can honestly say that walking back into slimming world 6months down the line after putting all the weight back on plus an extra two stone (Being a Christian youth worker I can’t write the word that expresses how I feel about that) was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Things that didn’t happen…..
No one stared
No one laughed
No one said omg you’re huge

I fact my lovely consultant got up from her chair and raced, ran ok walked, but I still appreciated it, across the room to give us a hug and a kiss. I feel so happy to have my lovely group and consultant back.

Really impressed and inspired to see so many familiar and thinner faces!

And, you might be surprised to hear…, I’m not stressing about it all. I’ve thrown my bathroom scales away and the only thing getting weighed and scrutinised daily are my HexA and HexB.

I started on Saturday…. It’s now Tuesday and so far I’ve 100% stuck to plan…. And enjoyed…. A pork roast dinner ( I hacked up a piece of pork shoulder, cut away all the fat and skin, stuffed it with rice, mushroom and onion for a stuffing, wrapped it up in a sausage and cooked it in a water bath (pan of water) like all the chefs do then took it out and fry lighted it and seared it in a pan. Ate with SW chips and a mount of veg it was awesome. I’ve also eaten full English breakfast, marmite and cheese on ryvita, soups, salmon and rice and veg and a massive plate of spag Bol.

I’m really enjoying plan again.

But before this blog can continue I need to say something….

The SW plan does work. I’ve put weight back on because I stopped doing it. I don’t even know why I stopped doing it because I really enjoy cooking and blogging and loosing weight. Please don’t be disheartened because I stopped loosing weight and started gaining weight, that was me not the plan.

Please subscribe on the right and join me in making 2014 the year we get to target.

Oh and because every post needs a picture and documenting progress is great here’s a picture of my family. The first time we’ve all been together in two years… My sister lives in Canada.




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