Authentic beef in black bean


This meal was amazing! so tasty and didn’t at all taste like a slimming meal. I feel so satisfied right now and I know I won’t wake up in the morning with a dehydration headache and that Luke won’t snore all night like he does when we have msg laden take out!

Before I made this dish I researched loads of non slimming world, authentic Chinese recipes and I think the version I have ended up with is more authentic than the slimming world official version and has less syns because it uses less corn flour and omits the honey which is used in the recipe that can be found in slimming worlds little book of sauces

MARKS OUT OF TEN FROM LUKE = 10 (possibly because I just shouted at him for not being appreciative enough but it was very good!)
SUPER FREE FOODS = as many as you want! Mine had 7
SPEED FOODS = mine has 7
SYNS ON EXTRA EASY= 3 dived easily by 4 people but we greedily shared it between 2

authentic beef in black bean


– extra lean steak cut into strips
– carrots, onion, green and yellow peppers, mushrooms, mange tout, fine beans, broccoli baby corn,
– fermented black beans
– garlic, ginger, chilli
– soy sauce, 2 tablespoons oyster sauce (2 syns)
– egg white, 1 teaspoon corn flour, rice vinegar


Whisk together the egg white, corn flour, a splash of rice vinegar and soy sauce pour over the beef and leave to marinate for at least an hour. After an hour or so allow the meat to come to room temperature and boil in hot water for a minute ( save back as much of the marinade as possible). Drain the water and set aside the beef ready to by stir fried later. – this process is called velveting, it’s how you get the meat really tender in Chinese cooking. It also keeps the syns down because the marinade you keep back can be used to thicken your sauce instead of adding loads of extra corn flour later.

Next chop all your veggies into stir fry sized piece. And chop your fermented black beans into rough pieces.

In a hot wok sprayed with fry light fry onion garlic, chilli and ginger, add your vegetables and stir fry till almost cooked ( I flash boiled my carrot and broccoli first to make it quicker) add the cooked beef and the left over marinade, add the fermented black beans about 3 tspoons, and 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce. Stir and season to taste with soy sauce.

Remember: it’s the corn flour and oyster sauce that contain the syns so you can play about with all the quantities until you get a taste perfect for you but if you alter the amount of corn flour or oyster sauce you’ll need to re calculate the syns.

Top Tips

~ make sure you buy the extra lean meat. the lean meat is packaged so similarly that its easy to pick up the wrong one by mistake and if you do you are adding so many more calories that you needn’t have!
~ serve with rice or noodles, or for an even more realistic take out feel try my seasoned noodles.
~ use dark soy sauce for colour and light soy sauce for saltines

* Although I make every effort to correctly work out syns values, please be aware that syn values may vary depending where you buy certain items and that being human I do make mistakes. If using my recipes please double-check the syn value for yourself, I would hate a mistake to sabotage anyone’s weight loss


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