I love food. I also love feeding people, not in a strange channel 4 documentary way, I just mean that I like making food that people enjoy. I love TV cooking programs and trying out what I see. I love eating out. I love the magic of food, the community, the way it can bring people together. I like trying new foods, experimenting, bringing new life to my Granny’s classics and enjoying them just as they are. I like home food, comfort food, northern food – hotpot and roasts and stews.

No surprise then I need to loose weight.

I am a northerner living in Birmingham with my lovely partner Luke. Since we started dating we have both put on a lot of weight; the eating out, the romantic meals in, the alcohol, the ‘I have someone to cook for me so I don’t have to eat beans on toast any more’ (Luke)! It is time to take action, and we have.

After two months of playing with the idea of joining Slimming World together we finally have. One week down and between us we have lost 19.5 lbs (almost 1.5 stone). Needles to say I was shocked but completely over the moon. We have enjoyed the food we have eaten, and we have eaten well – we weren’t even sure we would have lost any weight!

**Update: 12 weeks in and I have now lost 2st 1lb and luke has lost an amazing 2st 9lb!**

Last week we enjoyed steak and chips, chili con carne, king prawn fried rice, burger and chips and even a Sunday roast. Food for big appetites with lots of flavour. Like me you must be thinking, how did they loose weight then? It’s about cleaver cooking, keeping the flavour in and taking out the fat and the sugar, Slimming world calls it food optimising I call it an answer to my prayers. I am here to share with you some of the things I am learning and the recipes for some of the tastiest food we have eaten.

I am not going to share the full slimming world plan with you here, not because I am worried about being sued, simply because the act of going to class every week, having a supportive leader and group and getting weighed in can not be substituted by reading the plan here.

Here is the Slimming World website in case you would like more info on a group near you.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. hey
    what a great blog!
    well done on your journey and doing so well šŸ™‚
    i’ve been going back to SW a few months now, and just got my 1/2 stone award (tho, to be fair, add holidays and a close family death to those months) but aiming to take it even more seriously now.
    keep going
    fragmentz x

    • It’s a journey and rightly it’s not going to always be the most important thing in our lives, there are times when other things take our emotions and energies. Well done for going back that’s the hardest bit :D.
      Thanks for the love for the blog, I have been reading yours and have been really moved but am waiting for the right moment to feed back.
      Peace Kate x

  2. Congratulations on your progress! I will look forward to reading your recipes and hearing about your progress. Myself and my boyfriend also do Slimming World due to the same reasons you have mentioned. Our journey has been up and down so far as health issues have got in the way but we will get there eventually! Great blog šŸ™‚

    • Well done for keeping going, it’s easy to give up when stuff isn’t working out isn’t it. Your in such a good position though, doing plan with someone else who is there to encourage you and keep you on track I think is super helpful.

      Keep me updated on how you are doing.


  3. Hi Kate.
    Enjoyed reading your blog!
    I also live in Birmingham in Billesley. Where are you?
    I also do SW and put all my recipes on “minimins” website under the SW forum page as “Pete’s Recipe Book” Over 160,000 hits this year!
    I have lost over 6.5 stone following SW & am trying to stay on target………

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